Catena Investments

Over Catena Investments:

The start of Catena
Our ‘Group’ first came to exist in 2006. Back then we were a part of Zanders, and a specific team with focus on structured and corporate finance transactions. We started accepting remunerations in-kind in return for our structuring advice; ‘advice-for-equity’. The first of these transactions was held by an entity named ‘Catena’.

Investment fund developement
In the wake of the sub-prime and following credit crisis we started lending our balance sheet and expertise to accommodate off-balance sheet structuring, aiding financial institutions in de-risking and curbing of their balance sheets. We continued, capitalizing on our structured finance expertise, to develop innovative leases and financial products around real estate and cleantech, effectively entering the fintech space as well.

Linking more ventures
Over time we built a portfolio of financial products and cleantech investments in several partnerships. Each incorporated under the Catena concept. The name Catena signifies the building of a chain, each new venture being a new link in this value chain.
Catena also comes as a reasonable wine. Not associated with us though…

Becoming independent

We separated our investment activities from the advisory activities in the firm Zanders Venture Partners Management. In 2015 we took the firm out of Zanders and are since completely independent under the name of Catena Investments.
In 2015 we also entered into a partnership with Rabobank Innovation in jointly managing their Fintech portfolio.

We continuously seek to expand our activities. In 2016 we entered into a partnership with Private Bridge to develop new ideas for the private banking markets.