Olij Rozen International

Over Olij Rozen International:

The Olij company has almost a century of experience in propagation of roseplants.
Olij has delivered plants from different breeders in more than 100 countries.
The produced planting material is a cutting or graft in rockwool or cocopeatsubstrate.
The used rootstock is nearly always Natal Briar. Olij is testing on long term with a self developed rootstock named Popeye.
Olij is known for its great expertise, its professional support and after sales with the delivery of plants. Therefore Olij is often involved in Turn Key Projects.

The goal of Olij Breeding is to continuously bring new varieties on the market with strong technical qualities for the producer.
For this purpose Olij has at their disposal a large selection of crossing parents, an innovative crossing-program and a refined selection method they apply in different countries.
Recently Olij Breeding started with the breeding of roses on the African continent.
High productivity, good vase-life, good transportability, low disease control and elegance are criteria new varieties have to meet.
Olij Breeding is an important partner in various production areas worldwide.
You are welcome to visit our assortment at one of our showhouses worldwide year-round.